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Chiropractic Urgent Care is the premier auto accident injury treatment center for Detroit,  Warren,  and the entire Metro Detroit area.  Dr. Carmen Alampi, DC  is Clinic Director and  Michigan's Auto Accident Chiropractor, who has been treating and managing auto accident "whiplash" injuries for over 30+ years.  

It is important to know that the treatment & rehabilitation of an auto accident " whiplash " injury is a specialty all its own.  In that regard...Dr. Alampi has had extensive post-graduate education & training in this area---which has enabled him to provide his patients with the highest level of care possible.  Dr. Alampi has successfully treated many hundreds of auto accident patients over the years.

In chosing an auto accident doctor to handle your case, it is very important to find a doctor who is not only experienced, but who will be ready to defend you in court, if necessary, as an expert witness---to testify as to the nature and extent of your injuries....should your attorney feel it becomes necessary.  Over the years, Dr. Alampi has provided expert witness testimony & depositions on behalf of his injured patients---and he will not hesitate to defend you in court, if called upon by your lawyer. 


We are an auto accident WHIPLASH INJURY REHABILITATION clinic.   Dr. Carmen Alampi, DC , offers his 30+ YEARS of experience in providing to his injured patients  "specialized " case management / treatment / and rehabilitation for their auto accident " whiplash " type injuries.  Our office provides all types of specialized chiropractic care ...along with a complete range of physiotherapy modalities & exercise rehabilitation---specifically tailored to each individual patient.  Every patient's body is different...no two people are the same.

Dr. Alampi's office is a complete diagnostic facility---offering x-ray, as well as spinal diagnostic ultrasound to each injured patient.  X-rays are taken to determine hard tissue injury (spinal subluxations) associated with "pinched nerves", and to look for possible fractures or dislocations of the spinal vertebra or extremities.  Diagnostic ultrasound is performed on the spine & adjacent tissues to determine the nature & extent of soft tissue injury (inflammation + scar tissue) to the muscles, ligaments, facet joints, and nerve root areas of the spine.  Diagnostic ultrasound allows us to better concentrate our physiotherapy treatment---which allows for better patient outcomes...and shorter treatment time---and allows us to better document each patient's injuries.

Exercise rehabilitation is also performed at our office, in addition to chiropractic care... and physiotherapy treatment modalities.  ER helps to improve Range of Motion, balance, proprioception, coordination, and muscle strength.

1)  "Whiplash" injuries from a car accident are NOT your typical neck & back injuries.  You need a doctor who is an accident specialist... EXPERIENCED  in managing & treating auto accident cases---in the event your lawyer decides to take your case to court.

2)  Dr. Alampi has 30+ YEARS EXPERIENCE treating and helping auto accident victims...and... 30+ years dealing with insurance companies and their lawyers.  Most other doctor's offices will not take auto accident cases--- because they do not want to deal with the insurance companies... or their lawyers....and, mostly because they do not want to have to GO TO COURT.   Not so....with Dr. Alampi.   Dr. Alampi LIVES to go to court.  Also...hospital emergency room doctors will not defend you in court...nor do they have any courtroom experience.  Hospitals do not treat auto accident "whiplash" injuries.  

3)  As an auto accident "specialist" ...Dr. Alampi can offer specialized injury REHABILITATION for each individual patient.  Each patient is different.  Also...know that laser "pain treatments" and "pain shots" do NOT and will NOT ...fix or rehabilitate "whiplash" spinal injuries caused from a car accident.   

4)  As an auto accident specialist, Dr. Alampi provides personal one-on-one "hands-on" treatment---administered by him only.  This personalized approach allows for the BEST patient outcomes....and the BEST patient recovery---and gives Dr. Alampi the ability to personally monitor every patient's progress.


With a typical automobile " whiplash " injury...it is important for you to know....that symptoms may not show up for DAYS...or....even WEEKS later.                         

**Common systoms include:   headaches...dizziness...vertigo...balance problems...concussion...memory problems...ringing in the ears...jaw pain...nervousness/anxiety...loss of sleep...neck pain with stiffness...shoulder pain...arm pain with numbness...hand pain with numbness... muscle weakness...midback pain...low back pain... hip pain...knee pain...pain or numbness in the legs or feet... difficulty bending or turning the neck...difficulty bending over at the waist...difficulty performing normal household tasks---inability to bend over...or reaching overhead...inability to perform repeated lifting.

If you think you've been injured in an auto accident, CONTACT OUR OFFICE immediately.  We offer a FREE Whiplash Injury Evaluation...to review your case.   If we decide to accept you as a patient, we will perform a comprehensive case history & examination, complete x-rays, spinal diagnostic ultrasound, chiropractic care with physiotherapy modalities, rehabilitative exercise, as well as any necessary orthopedic braces / supports.

* Treatment for your auto accident injuries will be billed to your auto insurance---according to the Michigan NO-FAULT Statute.

Our office will also assist you with transportation to our office---if necessary.  This would also be covered under Michigan NO-FAULT.

So......if you've had an auto accident...CALL US  now for a  FREE  "Whiplash" Injury Evaluation at....(586) 415-8282 (office)    (586) 382-4357 (mobile)

You can reach us ANYTIME on our **mobile cell** at …. (586) 382-4357

** Ask to speak to Dr. Alampi personally. **

We are conveniently located at  31500 Schoenherr Rd. in Warren, Michigan  ( just 3 blks. North of 13 mile )  Look for our SIGN and FLAG in the front yard.


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