DR. CARMEN ALAMPI, DC -- Auto Accident Doctor

*  30 YEARS EXPERIENCE treating auto accident "WHIPLASH " injuries.

*  Extensive post-graduate education and training in the management & treatment

    of auto accident "whiplash" injuries.

*  Extensive experience as an "expert witness" on behalf of patients injured in

    auto accidents --- both deposition experience & actual court room experience.

    Dr. Alampi is fully prepared to defend his patients in court, if

    document their injuries relating to their automobile accident.

*  Dr. Alampi works with all Law Offices and can provide them with any necessary

    medical documentation needed to help them with a patient's CASE...involving

    their auto accident.

*  Dr. Alampi owns and operates a modern state-of-the-art injury clinic specifically

    designed to treat "whiplash " auto injuries---- conveniently located at

    31500 Schoenherr Rd. in Warren, Michigan 48088 ( 3 blks. North of 13 mile Rd. )

*  Dr. Alampi has advanced training in ultrasound diagnostic imaging and he performs

    SPINAL DIAGNOSTIC ULTRASOUND  on his auto accident patients to better identify

    and visualize the soft tissue damage to the patient's spine and adjacent muscle 

    tissue---which allows for more effective treatment....and better patient outcomes.

*  Dr. Alampi is a "hands-on" accident doctor---- providing 1-on-1 doctor-patient

    contact.  He does NOT use young 18 -19 year old "assistants" such as those 

    used by Physical Therapy offices....or....Pain Centers.  Injured patients expect

    personal contact with their doctor----and that is exactly what Dr. Alampi provides.

    Dr. Alampi also utilizes the latest "state-of-the art" equipment for managing and

    treating whiplash injuries.

*  Dr. Alampi would like you to know that by providing his accident patients with 

    hands-on 1-on-1 treatment---- he can "feel" your injured spine, your injured muscles,

    your muscle pain & tenderness, your "pinched" nerves, your stiffness, your Range

    of Motion---- and...therefore, can better evaluate your progress.

*  Dr. Alampi is trained to REHABILITATE your spine and adjacent TISSUES relating

    to your auto accident----to improve your get you back to pre-injury

    status in the shortest time possible.  OTHER OFFICES THAT ONLY PROVIDE



    injury is more than having just a bad disc.  ** It involves nerve damage -- which

    affects your entire body. **

*  Dr. Alampi wants you to know that many of his patients have already been to

    Physical a Pain Clinic----which only made the patient feel worse,

    and further aggravated their condition.  Pain Clinics that give pain shots only

    KILL injured nerves....rather than rehabilitate the nerves---to help restore normal

    function.  And...the WORST alternative...SURGERY---- is your worst option of all.

    After neck or back will never be the same. emergency

    rooms do not treat whiplash injuries.